White Papers

Agenda Setting Research


We produce White Papers that position your company as a leading expert in the field.

Written by the most influential academics in the world, these papers academic integrity and rigour.

The research process involves validating the research findings through expert interviews with C-level business executives.

The finalised product can win your business coverage in leading news sources such as the FT, Guardian, Telegraph etc.

For example, Critical Future recently produced White Paper for DeVono on “Conflicts of Interest in Commercial Property,” written by Professor Gerry McCormack of Leeds University.

This report has been covered in The Telegraph, on the front page of Property Week and received a direct response from the Royal Institute of Chartered Surveyors.

To be sent a full version of this report please contact us as manolis@criticalfuture.co.uk


Position your company as the leading expert in the field by partnering with a Professor from one of the world’s leading business schools and universities. Publish joint research with a leading academic, validating your approach, and gaining recognition for expertise, rigour and authority on the most important issues facing your business. Own the thinking space most relevant to your clients.


Gain access to the executives that matter most to your business. Be the project sponsor, for research interviews with give you direct access to C-level professionals at the largest companies in your sector. Join personal meetings with a Professor for research interviews with business leaders. Build relationships, develop partnerships, and directly market to potential clients.


Receive a research report of the highest quality offering insight into the key challenges facing your business or industry. Have first hand access to research on topics you direct. Gain knowledge, competitive insight, and industry best practise from research of the highest standards. Develop your team in working with respected Professors on topics of great managerial importance.


Win coverage for your business in the most respected business publications (FT, Business Week, Economist) and mainstream press (The Guardian, Telegraph, etc). Host a conference of business leaders, and journalists in which the White Paper is announced. Receive branding, exposure, and marketing opportunities as the White Paper is disseminated across your business community.