TOP ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE TECHNOLOGIES-PAST, PRESENT & FUTURE With significant growth in investments in Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology, its advancement has never been better. It all began decades ago. Here’s a timeline of some crucial points in the history of AI.   A Brief History of AI – The Past The Present Although AI is not new, a […]

Together with Siemens, AI startup Bonsai claims to have successfully applied deep reinforcement learning AI on a real-world machine in a test environment for the first time. Using Bonsai’s AI Platform, Siemens subject matter experts trained an AI model to auto-calibrate a Computer Numerical Control (CNC) machine more than 30 times faster than an expert […]

FPX chief experience officer Mark Bartlett explained how artificial intelligence and predictive analytics will shape the future of business. TechRepublic’s Dan Patterson spoke with Mark Bartlett, the chief experience officer of FPX, about how AI and predictive analytics will shape the future of business. Patterson: Hey, Alexa. Can you repeat the last thing you just heard? […]

Facebook uses images, some of them may be yours, to train AI for a variety of applications. They’re expanding upon this to make the machines more human when they answer questions about those images, and even training machines to take action. Facebook has its own AI research group (FAIR) that does open research in AI. […]

The machine learning capabilities of Google’s DeepMind AI are now being applied to help robots and AIs navigate using visual cues, rather than maps and location-based services, says Andrew Hobbs. Autonomous robots and vehicles currently navigate using GPS and built-in maps, but new advances in the use of deep reinforcement learning to navigate through mazes […]

Today, the world is dominated by artificial intelligence (AI) where human minds are challenged by this technology. There has been a development of new AI powered devices which tries to understand what they are seeing. Now the question arises why a machine needs to see? This article will explain machine vision, its importance and latest […]

These and other many other fascinating insights are from Dresner Advisory Services 2018 Cloud Computing and Business Intelligence Market Study (client access reqd.) of the Wisdom of Crowds® series of research. The goal of the 7th annual edition of the study seeks to quantify end-user deployment trends and attitudes toward cloud computing and business intelligence (BI), defined as the […]

With GDPR compliance in place, there are several technologies organisations can use to transform their data analytics   As the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) date draws nearer, complying with the upcoming law can open new doors for organisations to transform their business analytics. GDPR, which comes into force on 25 May 2018, aims to ensure better transparency […]

Blockchain technology is probably one of the most impactful discoveries in the recent history. After all, it has a massive potential to change how we handle online transactions. Despite some skeptics, the majority of experts agree that blockchain has the potential to disrupt the banking and financial industry, and many other ones! But what is […]