Gartner’s newest research highlights four emerging vendors in the space that offer innovative alternatives to predictiive analytics. Gartner’s Cool Vendors in Data Science and Machine Learning, 2017 focuses on up-and-coming solution providers that assist organizations with data science ambitions to optimize scarce data science talent and engage new technologies. The vendors included in this report enable data […]

The growth of Gross Domestic Product (GDP) is usually considered as the indicator of a successful economy. To see why I believe that it is not the best indicator let’s have a look to how GDP is calculated. GDP of a country is a measure of the monetary value of all goods and services provided […]

Interactive / digital marketing agencies are one of the rapidly growing industries today, and differentiate with traditional marketing agencies by presenting a mix of web designing, web development, search engine marketing, internet advertising and customized ecommerce solutions. Since their core services revolve around providing web development, brand strategy, rich media design, MarCom and content management services, many […]

Ιn a couple of blogs over the last month, I have mentioned the possibility of Predictive Information Governance (PIG) – automated information governance based on unsupervised machine learning technology. Just like the name implies, unsupervised machine learning (computers teaching themselves) removes the iterative manual training cycles of the learning process and allows the system to automatically categorize, […]

As data starts to permeate every nook and cranny of the retail trade, an incredibly detailed picture of consumer habits is slowly building. Big data is becoming big business. For a supermarket like Sainsbury’s, with data harvested from millions of customers and billions of transactions, this means an opportunity to differentiate. Sainsbury’s has 16% of […]

Ongoing advancements in data science and computing power create new opportunities for sales leaders to glean insights to increase sales effectiveness. Turning “big data” into useful and actionable data, however, has been an obstacle faced by many businesses, creating a gap between data availability and data usefulness. In a study done by Lattice Engines, 4 in 5 […]

The war for audiences is on. Producing and acquiring the most compelling content is the primary battlefield. Yet, technology innovation is enabling disruptive competition and unique user experiences that media companies must respond to and stay ahead of. Keeping up with the latest technology developments and building an organization to handle them can be obstacles […]