The key element of successfully entering a new region is choosing the best market entry strategy. There are many different opportunities for doing so, from foreign direct investment to  indirect methods like using a distributor or licensing. The biggest mistakes of market entry strategies is not having it or assuming that what worked in other markets will work […]

Any market entry strategy can involve working with a business partner. Direct exporters may partner with distributors and indirect exporters may partner with trading houses. All forms of strategic alliance involving partner organizations, mergers, and acquisitions are more likely to succeed if an organization has developed a working partnership with the target organization first. Even […]

AI and machine learning are dependent on large amounts of data. But big data is hard to organize and analyze. Here’s what experts are looking out for in the coming year, when it comes to data. While “big data” can be a misunderstood buzzword in tech, there’s no denying that the recent AI and machine […]

The proliferation of marketing channels, apps, mobile devices, social networks and content has given consumers more choices and greater control, while increasing complexity for marketers. We want to help simplify and optimize the marketing planning process for your business. Use the following marketing game plan model, as featured in Chapter 10 of The Marketing Performance Blueprint, to build core […]

Set goals that get you from where you are to where you want to be. Why you need a marketing plan A good marketing plan will help you answer key questions about your business, and act as a reference document to help you to execute your marketing strategy. It will also help you to develop […]

Deep expertise has never been more in demand—or harder to find. Jon Younger, founder of the Agile Talent Collaborative, examines how agile talent has reinvented the relationship between worker and workplace, enabling organizations to tap the global talent “cloud.” Welcome to the talent economy. There has never been a time when real expertise was more […]