Key to the Future

We enable our clients to own the future through:

  1. Projects – Exceptional value consultancy and research through Critical Projects clients include Royal Mail, Aviva, Office Depot etc. 
  2. Research – Position your company as a Thought Leader and Agenda Setter and own the future through Critical Papers clients include the British Security Industry Association, XPO Logistics, DeVono etc
  3. Events – Create unforgettable experiences that make your brand stand out through Critical Events run in partnership with the British government for CEOs of multinational firms, sponsored by clients such as White & Case LLP. 
  4. Insight – Gain insight from our global network MBAs, PhDs, Professors and Industry Executives (CEOs, etc) with Critical Experts clients include many leading private equity firms. 


White Papers which position your company as a Thought Leader, and leading expert in the field. A research process which grants you access to key target clients such as C-level executives. PR exposure and marketing support providing excellent branding for your company. Our White Papers are noted for their authority, written by some of the most influential academics in the world, and involving interviews with the most senior executives in industry.


Expert Network of thousands of senior professionals for research consultations. The Expert Interview is a one hour meeting for research purposed with any expert you specify.

It can be used for due diligence, market research, business planning, and relationship building.

These Expert Interviews give your company unique access to the most senior figures in industry for research, business development and partnership opportunities.


Our Business School Projects give business leaders the opportunity to set projects to teams of the world’s best Master students.

These projects provide exceptional value consulting, in depth research, academic integrity, and a myriad of other benefits (hiring opportunities, PR, CSR etc).

Previous projects include Competitor Analysis, Market Analysis, Strategic planning, for companies such as BBC, The Conservative Party, L’Oreal etc


White Papers that position your company as a Thought Leader. We have produced some of the most influential White Papers in business and politics. We manage the entire process:

  • Providing Professors from leading business schools or universities to author the report.
  • Sourcing leading industry figures for expert interviews
  • Project managing the writing of the report
  • Graphic design and proof reading
  • Collaboration with PR agencies

Critical Future was commissioned by the British Security Industry Association, representing companies with over £20 billion in turnover and 300,000 employees.

Critical Future’s report “The Real Price of Security Solutions” was authored by Professor Terence Tse of ESCP Europe currently ranked as the 11th best business school in Europe by the Financial Times. Professor Tse is a regular writer for the Harvard Business Review, Financial Times, etc.

The report involved interviewing C-level executives and industry experts, and is now being covered in several publications to inform the business community.

Please contact us for a full version of the report: Manolis@criticalfuture.co.uk

Read our latest White Paper here


Critical Projects

We provide teams of the world’s best Master students available to complete projects you set. For example, we partner directly with ESCP Europe currently ranked as the 11th best business school in Europe by the Financial Times. We enable you to set projects to teams of 5 Master students supervised by Professors. These projects offer exceptional value research and consultancy as well as numerous other benefits (hiring opportunities, CSR etc).

Critical Papers

We provide White Papers of the highest quality. Written by esteemed Professors from leading universities. Involving primary research from industry experts. Project managed from start to finish with expert efficiency.

Critical Events

We enable your brand to stand above the competition through unique events. We bring your Ideal Clients such as CEOs of multinational companies directly to your brand. Our events are “unforgettable experiences” such as our “Future of Banking” event in partnership with the British government held in the Locarno Room, “Drawing Room of the British Nation.”


Our project managers have been responsible for successfully managing over 1000 consulting and recruitment projects.

We ensure we deliver on time and on budget, on every engagement. For our groundbreaking Candidates on Demand service you can expect a regular shortlist of highly suitable, available and enthusiastic candidates.


Our services are designed based on client needs. Accountability is in our NDA. Our services are tied to outputs, such as project milestones, or candidate shortlists. We offer flexible terms and expect our clients to stay with us because we add value rather than a long term contract. We are extremely responsive and ensure that your project delivers exactly what you expect.


Critical Future offers unparalleled value. Our unique operating model, means we offer clients incredible value, and exceptional on a cost to quality ratio.